How I Started To Cycle!

I started a new section in my blog to write short stories that I narrate to my kid. These are mostly picked and minced from collective learning and observations which I pick around me. Like any normal parents , we also at every stage have tried to give our growing boy a cycle so that … Continue reading How I Started To Cycle!


µ-services – Enabling Agile Development

I got an opportunity to share my insights in CIOReview Mag. - March 17 edition. You are either building software… or losing to someone who is – @littleidea Technology plays a pivotal role today on how we deliver to our business objectives. The choice of technology can determine over a period of time how business … Continue reading µ-services – Enabling Agile Development

Monolith 2 Microservices @ OSI2016

I have been little inactive for past few weeks & somewhat busy doing too many things ! I spent two days in Bengaluru participating as well speaking at Open Source India 2016. It was  a great experience and lovely audience to interact with. I had chosen to speak on microservices and how this is an evolving … Continue reading Monolith 2 Microservices @ OSI2016

More Than Entrepreneurship…

Entrepreneurship is buzz across the world , & everybody wants to take a plunge. I have observed various casual conversations as well other groups where everybody wants to do something but does not full acknowledge the entrepreneurship landscape. In warfare tactics , it is important to know your terrain before making a move and I firmly … Continue reading More Than Entrepreneurship…

Gamify Time Management

Sometimes life is too chaotic for one to make any sense. Although you are not over-worked or spending sleepless nights but still you find yourself in midst of a battlefield filled with conflicting priorities. Managing under such circumstances is not stress and sometimes can lead to conflict within team members as well. Among the time management … Continue reading Gamify Time Management

4 years & counting for more to come…

I have been two days late in sharing my thoughts on a personal achievement...which is completing 4 years at Cimpress. The delay has been  because of confluence of many events in last 48 hours , the PGPM Milan-2016 alum meet at SPJIMR , Arrival of Lord Ganesha & our real gods on ground.. which is … Continue reading 4 years & counting for more to come…

Reflections By Steven Sinofsky

I chanced to read following article Steven Sinofsky on Building Your Product Team  published on the MixPanel blog. It had some great insights  which , I  have captured for my readers and fellow companions who cross their path with product management. From the above blog "Steven Sinofsky is known as one of product management’s earliest champions. … Continue reading Reflections By Steven Sinofsky