Good Better Best – Quality of Decision

You might heard following phrases several times :  "This is a wrong decision , we should not made this call" "Why did you not inform us , otherwise we would have made right decision" "I think if we would have collaborated , we could have made a right call on this issue" Being a programmer at core … Continue reading Good Better Best – Quality of Decision


15 years on..Journey thru Professional Wilderness

I still remember this day 15 years back , when I was heading alone to Kolkata for joining my training at TCS . It was raining hard , when I arrived at the station. Being a day scholar most of my life , this was a big step forward outside the protected layers of my family … Continue reading 15 years on..Journey thru Professional Wilderness

Indecision Or Flexibility?

In my earlier post : Control & Freedom : Managing Relationships , I talked about how exercising control to maintain right hypothesis can cause undue tension and sometimes it is necessary to walk away with right attitude coupled with mindset. If we take a balcony view , we would also get to know that control usually allows … Continue reading Indecision Or Flexibility?

Control & Freedom : Managing Relationships

Freedom is not the ability to do whatever you want but build acceptance of what's going on in the moment. Teams always subjects one to think about these aspects and it is necessary to remember that despite minor differences we are part of the team and hence pushing towards maintaining control can cause undue tension. … Continue reading Control & Freedom : Managing Relationships

Window To The World…Ideas On Communications….

So I am back again...although , I am still infrequent..but making improvements. Currently I am passing by quite a few cultures on my trip and it makes me super happy to learn new things beyond just the realms of my job. As I do this , it sounds funny but human communication is highly perceptive … Continue reading Window To The World…Ideas On Communications….

Traffic Light Problem…

OK...before I sign-off from the blog , I remembered to share something. I found this pretty interesting in terms of  how I view it.  Whoever gets an opportunity to read this , please do share your experience also. Situation is little peculiar...Imagine that you are in the front-line of cars or whatever favorite vehicle you are … Continue reading Traffic Light Problem…