Good Better Best – Quality of Decision

You might heard following phrases several times :  "This is a wrong decision , we should not made this call" "Why did you not inform us , otherwise we would have made right decision" "I think if we would have collaborated , we could have made a right call on this issue" Being a programmer at core … Continue reading Good Better Best – Quality of Decision


Choice of MVP : Evaluate Your Options

Many a times MVP(Minimum Viable Product) and what definition it carries get clouded with lot of factors. To start with , let me refresh couple of aspects of what a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) may stand for: "It is a core artifact in an iterative process of idea generation, prototyping, presentation, data collection, analysis and learning. One seeks to minimise the … Continue reading Choice of MVP : Evaluate Your Options

Perspective On e-learning from Arun Gupta

The industry required periodic training for new products to have an intelligent conversation with customers; so every company conducted training programs to equip their teams with requisite knowledge which would serve all kinds of customers. It was early days of automation, e-learning was just beginning to raise a baby head; early versions were complex, unwieldy,… via … Continue reading Perspective On e-learning from Arun Gupta

Startup Culture or something else …

We have & continue to observe numerous articles as well inspirational content on how one should have start-up culture , mindset or spirit. All in different dimension & context. Irrespective of maturity business model & age of enterprise , it has become a fad to call oneself having a start-up mindset or calling the enterprise … Continue reading Startup Culture or something else …

API Economy : Vertical v/s Horizontal

What is a vertical API In simple terms these are industry specific solutions powered using API stack. So as more and more API get exposed to users , there is also a new trend catching up where API adoption is expanding to provide industry specific solution. Horizontal versus Vertical API As companies across the world are … Continue reading API Economy : Vertical v/s Horizontal